About the Farm

Farrar Out Farm is located in Frohna, Missouri approximately 90 miles south of St. Louis. We are a small farm raising a variety of meats and vegetables for local farmers markets in the St. Louis area. All of our animals are free range and “grass pasture” raised.

Beef: We raise Black Angus grass fed beef.

Lambs: Our lambs are a Katahdin and Dorper cross which are also grass fed.

Pork: Our pigs are a Berkshire cross which are pasture raised but also get a non-GMO feed supplement.

Chicken: Our chicken are Cornish Cross. They are pasture raised int eh sheep pasture. They are happy free chickens that also get a non-GMO supplement diet along with a bug and grass diet.

Our eggs are also from free range chickens that are on a non-GMO feed supplement.

All our animals are raised without growth hormone or antibiotics (Never – Ever)