Farrar Out Farm

At Farrar Out Farm, we take very seriously, our responsibility of growing the healthiest food possible. You get the best product possible from Farrar Out Farm.

Farmer and Farm

My name is Colby Jones and I bought Farrar Out Farm in February, 2010 at the age of 20. I had worked on the farm for over 5 years before having the opportunity to buy it. Since buying the farm, I have added beef and lamb to the list of products that we raise and sell.

We also raise a variety of seasonal produce that we sell at farmers markets in the St. Louis area. The markets include the Schlafly Farmers Market and the Wildwood Farmers Market.

About the Farm

Farrar Out Farm is located in Frohna, Missouri approximately 90 miles south of St. Louis. We are a small farm raising a variety of meats and vegetables for local farmers markets in the St. Louis area. All of our animals are free range and “grass pasture” raised.

Beef: We raise Black Angus grass fed beef.

Lambs: Our lambs are a Katahdin and Dorper cross which are also grass fed.

Pork: Our pigs are a Berkshire cross which are pasture raised but also get a non-GMO feed supplement.

Chicken: Our chicken are Cornish Cross. They are pasture raised int eh sheep pasture. They are happy free chickens that also get a non-GMO supplement diet along with a bug and grass diet.

Our eggs are also from free range chickens that are on a non-GMO feed supplement.

All our animals are raised without growth hormone or antibiotics (Never – Ever)


Colby Jones
Farrar Out Farm
241 Crosswinds Ln
Perryville, MO 63775-9267